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Bath Salts Testing in Urine for Compliance Monitoring Now Available


AIT is pleased to announce that bath salts testing in urine is now available to our compliance monitoring clientele. Clients may pair this test with our DetectiMed® Panelor any comprehensive panel of their choosing.

Test Details

Test Name: Bath Salts (Compliance)
Test Code: 16320
Specimen Type: Urine
Analytes Included: MDPV (methylenedioxy pyrovalerone), Mephedrone, Methylone
Reporting Limit: 50 ng/mL
Minimum Specimen Volume: 5mL
Method of Analysis: UPLC-MS/MS
Turnaround Time: 3 to 7 business days

Please note that results are qualitative.

AIT offers two options for bath salts testing – one version tailored for compliance monitoring clients and another tailored for forensic and clinical clients. For more information about AIT’s options for bath salts testing, visit our prescription and narcotic drug test catalog. 

About Bath Salts

Bath salts are the latest designer drug from Europe and are now trending throughout the United States. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has taken emergency action to ban MDPV, mephedrone, methylone – substances found to make up this drug. Currently, bath salts are considered to have no medical value but a high potential for abuse.

Bath salts mimic the same high as methamphetamine, LSD, or cocaine. People using bath salts will smoke, snort, ingest, or inject the substance. They are sold in powder or crystal form for $25 to $50 for a 50-milligram packet and can be found in mini-marts and smoke shops. These drugs are reported to be dangerous; users can experience severe, long-lasting paranoia and violent behavior.

Alternate names for the drug include plant food, jewelry cleaner, pipe cleaner, and glass cleaner.

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