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Toxicology Laboratory

Lab Testing Services

AIT offers superior lab testing services to clients throughout the country

There’s a reason why 97 percent of our clients gave AIT Laboratories a customer service rating of “good” or “excellent” in our last client satisfaction survey: AIT offers a complete package when it comes to lab testing services. Our understanding of the needs of our clients is why AIT continually offers the best service in the industry.

Range of Services 

AIT specializes in the following lab testing services:

In our laboratory, we are able to analyze a variety of matrices including urine, blood, serum, plasma, hair, bone or tissue biopsies, meconium, nails, and vitreous fluids. AIT also provides identification and quantitation of unknown substances such as pills, powders, syringes, liquids, and trace substances.

Is there a specific test you’re looking for? Visit our test catalog. Whether you take advantage of one of our existing assays or require a customized solution, AIT is prepared to satisfy any toxicology testing need you have.

Accurate Science 

With a strong scientific foundation, expert chemists, and cutting-edge technology, AIT is equipped with all the resources necessary to provide superior lab testing services to our clients. Because AIT is a forensic toxicology laboratory specializing in compliance monitoring, we hold prestigious accreditations that speak to both industries. Our processes are backed by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT), Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), and ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards. In addition, all specimens sent to our lab are screened and confirmed using state-of-the-art instrumentation.


AIT has more than 25 years of experience in forensic toxicology and other toxicology specialties. Our chemists draw upon that experience to create new assays, improve existing methodologies, and be among the first of their peers to implement new technologies to increase efficiency in lab operations. Meanwhile, our expert toxicologists have many years of experience in related fields and stand ready to consult with you on specimen collection, drug interaction, and interpretation of test results.


AIT understands the importance of security in providing accurate lab testing results. With our strict chain of custody and adherence to the prestigious CAP and ABFT guidelines, each sample is secure and traceable throughout the laboratory analysis process. AIT utilizes a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to provide an extra dimension of security by creating a unique processing number for each sample as it is received and scanned into our system. This unique number is utilized as the only identifier throughout the remainder of the analytical process, allowing patient information to remain confidential. Furthermore, AIT provides secure online access to test results through our secure client portal.


It is extremely important to find a laboratory you can trust with confidential information due to HIPAA regulations. AIT believes in developing a partnership with each of our clients in order to provide the highest level of service, especially when it comes to patient information. Each sample is assigned a unique specimen identification number when it is received at the laboratory, ensuring sample anonymity throughout the testing process. The test results are only released to the healthcare provider, which he/she can discuss in private with the patient.

Learn More 

For more information about AIT’s lab testing services, please contact our Client Services Department.

To view AIT's Annual Physician Notice, click here.

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